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What Every Geek Needs to Know About Attracting Beautiful Women

  • Are you tired of settling for average women you’re not totally crazy for?
  • Ever felt like your feet were locked to the floor when you were about to walk up to an attractive woman to introduce yourself?
  • Do you loathe being told “I like you more as a friend?”
  • Are you sick of your friends getting girlfriends, but you can’t seem to score one?
  • Still trying to court “the one” girl for you, but can’t seem to get it right?
  • Do you have conversations with women that don’t flow well and have dreaded awkward silences?

Hey there, my name is Gary and I’ve had all of the problems I just mentioned (no joke!).

I’ve also had more than my fair share of women laughing at my terrible attempts to score a date. I’ve had women who were initially interested in me but suddenly stopped returning phone calls, what did I do wrong? Was it something I said?

Was there something I shouldn’t have done?

I watched hopelessly as woman after woman I was interested in had ZERO interest in me, other than as a dreaded “friend”…I had enough of this BS! I dedicated all my free time to studying what exactly makes women tick and WHY they’re attracted to certain guys.

I am an extremely analytical person and I wanted to learn what exactly did and didn’t attract women. While studying computer science in college, I read about fifty books and listened to more audio courses than I care to remember on what exactly it takes to attract women. I attacked this subject with every ounce of my being until I got it right and felt comfortable around women.

Needless to say, college was the perfect experimentation ground to quickly discover what worked and what did not to meet women.

Some of it was complete crap. Some of it was solid gold.

I spent the next three years implementing what I had read, often painfully learning the hard way what did not work to attract beautiful women. I eventually pin pointed the methods that changed the way women reacted to me.

Once I “got it” — I experienced an internal night and day shift.

I learned exactly what I had to do to create chemistry with any woman.  Suddenly, the power had shifted and I could choose whether or not I wanted to attract or repel a particular woman.

Once you know what you’re doing, you will find yourself attracting women you’re really not interested in! You’ll find that if you purposefully act the way you did when you COULDN’T attract women you wanted,they will quickly lose interest.

I’ve since compiled everything I learned that actually worked with real, live women into one concise guide without useless information.  Nothing drives me more crazy than a book packed with fluff.

Shorten your learning curve.

Here’s What The Geek’s Guide To Dating Will Do For You

This  Will Change Your Dating Life Forever

Your friends are going to hate you after you learn this stuff!

Never again will you have to experience the regret of a gorgeous woman passing you by and you not say anything due to being paralyzed by fear of rejection.  You won’t have to experience the pain of having relationship after relationship end within months

You will learn how to be sexually attractive to women. You won’t be the guy (see: loser) with the shoulder to cry on.  You will learn how to break out from the herd of guys who want the same woman you want.

You won’t have to feel bad about not having a date to take to social events.  You won’t have to settle for a woman that doesn’t make you happy.  You will learn to meet high quality, attractive women that you want to be with.

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Having Trouble Meeting And Attracting Women

You were simply never taught what you need to do to meet beautiful women.  If you’re like me, you were always taught by your parents and friends that you should always treat women like princesses (never swear, always be very nice, etc). You were never taught what you needed to do to sexually attract women

You might have already bought other courses that didn’t work, or only had a few pieces of useful information.

This book is different because it condenses only the essential information you need to know to be successful, saving you tons of time and frustration.

You might have tried over and over again to meet the right person but, nothing ever seemed to workout.  You might have tried approaching women only to be immediately turned down or given a fake phone number.

You will learn in the Geek’s Guide to Dating how to successfully do all of these things and more.  You will develop the confidence to walk up to any woman you find attractive or interesting and easily strike up conversation without fear of rejection.  You will easily make women notice you while still being subtle.

You will be able to choose who you want to date, rather than settling on who chooses you.

I will teach you all the skills you need to get out there and start meeting women.  As soon as you start reading the book you can implement what you learned the same day!

The things you will learn from this book are applicable in all areas of life where it’s beneficial to have people on your side as well, not just dating.

What You’re Going to Learn
  • The key character qualities you MUST have to attract gorgeous women that few men exhibit
  • How to gain the confidence that women are magnetically attracted too (they won’t even know or understand why it’s happening)
  • How to dress to attract women and put yourself above the herd of average looking guys in her eyes
  • Subtle grooming tips that top quality women notice, and sadly most of men do not!
  • How to show a woman without using money that you can take care of her and make her feel safe. When she feels safe, safe = sex.
  • What to NEVER do that turns women completely off. This is critical, most guys bomb during the initial flirting phase and don’t make it past getting the first phone number.
  • Two in depth case studies of men who failed to attract women they were interested in, what they did wrong, what they should have done differently, and why.
  • How to avoid appearing clingy, needy, and desperate. This is the kind of behavior that women hate. Learn the subtle ways you may be giving off these vibes without even being aware.
  • How to act so women naturally respect you without coming off like a jackass
  • How to treat a woman so she keeps thinking about you so much after the first date you’re phone will be ringing the next day
  • The techniques that actually work to attract and flirt with beautiful woman
  • How to appear smooth (even if you’re a total klutz like me)
  • The right way to “get physical” with women that won’t get you rejected. A sure fire way to make sure the time is right to go in for the kiss.
  • How to become a “leader type” that women are naturally attracted too. How to become the guy that women tend to be naturally attracted too, and it’s not because of looks.
  • Body language secrets “alpha men” use to attract women without speaking. The subtle ways you can project that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.
  • A sure fire way to quickly find out if a woman is interested in you, and it’s certainly NOT asking her!
  • The chivalrous gestures women love but many a “modern” man has forgotten
  • How to tease and have fun with women in a way that instantly sparks attraction making you irresistible
  • How to physically flirt with women to ramp up the attraction level
  • How to verbally flirt with women in a way that will make them want to initiate getting physical with you
  • How to approach women in a way that they are immediately interested in you, without sounding like a douche bag
  • Tips to successfully beat approach anxiety and keep it a bay
  • Techniques to avoid appearing like a creepy stalker. If you’ve been accused of being awkward or weird make sure you pay close attention to this section.
  • How to talk to groups of women (women usually travel in groups!). Like a good boy scout, you should always be prepared.
  • How to “own” a room so that everyone notices your arrival.
  • A fool proof way to ask for a phone number so good that if you fail, you might as well just give up all together jk :)
  • What to say on a voice mail to setup a date that will greatly increase your chances of her ACTUALLY calling you back
  • The best places to go on a first date to save money, have fun, and minimize time investment.
  • A Step by step guide to making out that will leave her wanting much, much, more…
  • Online dating profile tips that women WILL respond too!

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How To Not Screw Up Your New Relationship

You may be looking for a relationship now, or eventually you’ll want to date someone long term.  This guide goes over the biggest mistakes guys tend to make sabotaging their hard earned relationships.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to make her fall for you
  • The big relationship killers and how to avoid them
  • Resolving conflict in your relationships.


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How To Give Mind Blowing Oral Sex

Yup, you read that correctly! This is a short and concise guide on what it takes to give a woman incredible pleasure from oral sex. You will quickly learn what you need to do in order to make her very happy.

In this guide you’ll learn:

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  • How to tease her so that she is BEGGING you for “you know what”
  • How to hit her G-Spot causing amazing body shaking orgasms.

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The 28 Rules of Cool

A short guide you can review before going out to remind yourself of what you need to do in order to be in calm, confident and in control of your your world.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What the “coolest” people do to be seen as cool
  • How to appear calm and confident in most situations
  • Become the person people want to spend time with and more.

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